Featuring: The Black Tux Contrast Shawl Jacket Tuxedo

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a black tie gala in Monaco celebrating the launch of a new cruise ship. The event was black tie so I went right to the folks at The Black Tux to get suited up.

This white tuxedo jacket with a contrasting black shawl immediately caught my eye. It’s a very 007 look for a night in Monaco. I went with black cufflinks and velvet slippers to accessorize the look.

This was my first time to use The Black Tux and it was great. This is an online tux rental company. You make your selections and enter your measurements into their website and a box arrives at your door with everything you need, from shoes to cufflinks. When it is all done you just pack up the box and slap on the shipping label and send it off. They have really thought of everything — they even include packing tape in the box to make your life easier.

Thanks to The Black Tux for helping me with this rental! 

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