The smart way to get to the airport in NYC.

Now that I’ve tried BLADE Bounce I’m never going back. This is a helicopter transfer service to NYC-area airports that gets you there in about 5 minutes. No more wasting time stuck in traffic. BLADE Bounce is the smart travel hack for getting to the airport.

I love travel and am always on the go, flying to photoshoot locations or business meetings. BLADE Bounce makes the whole travel experience so smooth and pleasant. It’s a throwback to travel as it used to be, hassle-free and fun. For a busy entrepreneur like myself, time is money and the time I save with BLADE Bounce is definitely worth it.

For a limited time, you can test out BLADE Bounce for $195 on your next flight out of JFK for select times. When you consider that a black car service can easily run into the hundreds of dollars, plus factoring in the value of your time, this becomes an excellent value proposition.

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from a recent BLADE Bounce trip I took to a flight out of JFK. Can’t wait for my next ride!

Featuring: BLADE Bounce 

Stylist: Andrew Zumbo 

Photographer: Nicholas Urteaga 

The convenience of the BLADE experience starts well before you even set foot on the helicopter. BLADE offers a dedicated black car service so you can easily commute to and from the helipad. For this trip to JFK, the car service dropped me off at the BLADE Lounge located on the West Side Highway.

I was greeted in the BLADE Lounge by the lovely and hospitable hostess. She was so friendly and offered me a glass of rosé in a BLADE tumbler to enjoy before boarding. She let me know that the rosé was a special vintage for the BLADE Lounge from the winery VieVité. It was very refreshing. Just what I needed to help me get into a relaxed frame of mind before my trip.

The lounge has a cool vibe and feels more like a downtown bar than a waiting room. I did not have to wait long for my flight, but I enjoyed the lounge experience while I did. With touches like the lounge, BLADE has elevated the travel experience from mundane to sexy. The lounge also had plenty of healthy snacks like fruit and granola bars. Eating healthy on the road can be a challenge, so I appreciated the healthy options.

After pausing for a few moments in the lounge to enjoy my rosé and catch up on emails, the chopper has arrived. The orange wristband is my boarding pass. It snaps on like one of those bracelets from the 90s, which is another fun BLADE touch. They collected and stowed my bag (today I’m traveling with my favorite carry-on from ARLO SKYE). Within a few minutes, I’m ready to depart. The entire process is so smooth and easy!

The helicopter ride itself is such a fun and thrilling experience. As you take off, the stunning New York City skyline comes into view. You get a great view of the skyscrapers as you soar over the canyons of Manhattan. We took off right at sunset so the city was bathed in a golden light that was truly a magical sight. This was an unexpected bonus of the trip!

I enjoyed spotting NYC landmarks as they passed by below: the World Trade Center, Brooklyn, and Barclays Center. As we flew over the highways, I thought to myself, “I’m glad I’m not stuck in the standstill traffic below!”

The flight goes by so quickly. We had a picture-perfect sunset landing at JFK in only 5 minutes! To think, this would have taken over an hour by car. I cannot believe how much time this saved me. The whole experience was such a blast. I can’t wait for my next trip so I can do it again!

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