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I love to wake up in the morning and head right to the beach for a walk. It is a great way to start the day – with the sunrise and the waves and the fresh air.

If you go in the morning you will see surfers and dogs. Dogs are allowed on the beach before a certain time. The dogs go crazy for the sand and the water, just like this little guy that we met at the beach!

I was inspired by the hazy morning palette at the beach to put together this look with a Slate and Stone Henley shirt. It is super soft and feels great against the skin. I paired it with some neutral linen shorts from H&M and that’s it – a perfect look for a morning walk on the beach.

PhotosNick Pierce

Thanks to Slate and Stone for providing these pieces!

Sunset might just be my favorite time to go to the beach. It’s not as hot at that time of day. Plus, there is something magical about the light, and the waves are usually calmer.

Add a cookout on the beach and that is just magical. As the sun sets you need to snuggle up in a blanket or a sweater and roast marshmallows next to that special someone. Maybe I’m a romantic, but I think that is just about as good as it gets.

It was our lucky day when we did this sunset shoot in East Hampton because there was a family doing exactly that — having a cookout on the beach. They were nice enough to share their s’mores with us (thanks, guys!). I wish I could bottle up the smell from the campfire mixed with the smell of the ocean and post it on this page. Hopefully these photos will help transport you there.

I mentioned cozying up in a sweater, so for this shoot I went with a sweater from Alex Mill in a neutral color inspired by the pristine Hamptons beaches. Alex Mills is known for super soft fabrics and this sweater has a nice texture to it.


PhotosNick Pierce

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Beach Sunset 01 Beach Sunset 02 Beach Sunset 03 Beach Sunset 06 Beach Sunset 04 Beach Sunset 07

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