Big city meets a beach town

Sydney is one of my favorite cities in the world. It has natural beauty, a laidback vibe, but is also cosmopolitan. It is a great city for the active lifestyle, offering surfing, ocean swimming, and great weather for a beach workout. It is not hard to get into the Sydney state of mind, but it is very hard to leave!

Sights to See

The Sydney Harbor is a spectacular gateway to the city. There are views for days. It was exciting to finally see the iconic Sydney Opera House in person. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is an impressive sight too, and you can climb to the top! This is something that locals highly recommend, but alas, time did not permit this trip. The Royal Botanical Gardens are on the waterfront and have the best views of the harbor and the city.

Bondi is a beach town. It really put me in a laidback state of mind. You can soak up the atmosphere on the famous Bondi Coogee Walk. Bondi Beach is one of my favorite areas. On a warm day, the beach is filled with beautiful people soaking up the sun and surfing. Sydney has a lot of amazing ocean pools built right into the water. The most famous is Bondi Icebergs. Most people are here for the views or the café, but you can actually swim here. It’s well worth it. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a swim in frigid salt water! The food in Bondi is great, too. A lot of healthy options to keep your beach body looking good.

Sydney has one of the best zoos I’ve ever been to, Taronga Zoo. Half the fun is the adventure of getting there. You take a ferry from downtown Sydney, and then a tram up a hill. The views of Sydney are well worth it. The highlight was the outdoor bird show, with panoramic views of Sydney as the backdrop.


Places to Eat

Café Sydney is an iconic restaurant on the rooftop of the historic Customs House. You can dine with great views of the Harbor Bridge and Opera House. The food did not disappoint. The menu features local Australian ingredients.

The Farm Wholefoods is a place we just happened upon while exploring the Potts Point neighborhood. We loved the menu of healthy and visually attractive options.

You can read all about my dinner at The Winery here. This restaurant has a great outdoor space and a laid back vibe. The food was wonderful and the atmosphere really put me in the Sydney state of mind.

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